Saara's and Kevi's puppies, kennel Minimaxin

Saara (Minimaxin Veikeä) and Kevi got ten puppies (3 boys and 7 girls) in Kiikala, Finland on the 17th of April, 2008
Breeder: Kaarina Heininen, kennel Minimaxin

        Minimaxin X-ellent
        Minimaxin X-emplar
        Minimaxin X-oottinen
        Minimaxin X-pediitti
        Minimaxin X-pertti
        Minimaxin X-press
        Minimaxin X-port (lives in Sweden)
        Minimaxin X-taasi
        Minimaxin X-tempo
        Minimaxin X-tra
Photos of Kevi meeting his puppies
See also Minimaxin homepages, click "Pentueet" (X-pentue).

Tintin's and Kevi's puppies, kennel Kamtjatka's

Tintin (Kamtjatka's Bellya) and Kevi got three puppies (2 girls and a boy) in Sweden on the 29th of June, 2005:
        Kamtjatka's Chester
        Kamtjatka's Celine
        Kamtjatka's Cheela
Breeder: Marita Kanervala, kennel Kamtjatka's


Sara's and Kevi's puppies, kennel Saranevan

Kevi and Sara (Demians Dalena) got three puppies (2 boys and a girl) on Friday, the 22nd of October, 2004:
        Saranevan Amon-Ra, "Peetu"
        Saranevan Apollon, "Iikka"
        Saranevan Aurora, "Amanda"
This is the first Kromfohrländer litter of kennel Saranevan, Eeva Majuri.

Health results: all puppies have healthy eyes, checked up on December 3, 2004 by Dr Jari Aho.

Babies 1 week
One week
Babies 2 weeks
Two weeks

3 weeks
Three weeks

4 weeks
Four weeks

5 weeks
Five weeks

7 weeks
Seven weeks
8 weeks
Eight weeks
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